IHS provides technology industry leaders with the insight and intelligence to make better decisions.

Worldwide technology, media and telecommunications industries are highly technical, highly regulated, and highly competitive. Markets and regulatory landscapes are rapidly evolving. That’s why you need a single source of integrated information and insight on market risks and opportunities, new and changing regulations, industry standards, technological advances, and engineering best practices. IHS has a comprehensive suite of tools and services to help you make informed and profitable business decisions. To learn more, contact an IHS technology solutions specialist.

Strategic Planning & Market Development

IHS offers comprehensive data, analysis tools and consulting services to help you identify growth opportunities and anticipate changes in the technology industry. We support strategic planning, market development and marketing, including solutions to benchmark and forecast market size, segmentation, regulations, and competition. Learn more.

Engineering & Design

IHS has critical content, tools, and services for each stage of the product design and development process, from idea creation, design and engineering, to delivery of high quality products that are compliant, supply chain friendly, and competitive. Learn more.

Supply Chain & Operations

IHS can help you optimize sourcing, procurement, logistics, and operations while greening your supply chain and advancing sustainability goals. We offer extensive component and material composition databases, notification systems, BOM/inventory management solutions, and industry standards/regulations. Learn more.

Compliance & Sustainability

EHS and sustainability professionals at IHS pioneered the development of many sustainability information management solutions and continue to lead the way with new innovations. We can help you meet workplace health and safety regulations, stay updated on compliance requirements, and navigate complex regulatory information. Learn more.

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